2 sheriff's deputies killed while serving warrant

Two Cobb Region sheriff's delegates in Georgia have been killed while serving a warrant, authorities said Thursday night.

Cobb Province Sheriff Craig D. Owens said at a public interview late Thursday that the two were "trapped" when they went to convey the warrant.

"Everything that I can say to you at this time is this - - in plain terms, it is straightforward, my two delegates were trapped tonight and killed,

"The two suspects we accept are the culprits of this wrongdoing are right now in care and are being held at the Cobb District Police Division for addressing."

District Police Division for addressing." The delegates were shot in the wake of leaving their vehicles, Owens said,

with one individual starting to shoot from inside the house and one more from a close by vehicle.

The warrant was being served for inability to show up by burglary or trickiness, the sheriff said.

Prior at night, specialists had said a suspect was blockaded in the home where the warrant was being served. The suspects were arrested soon after 12 PM