Johnny Depp, 58, said he took his own boots off rather than wait for wife Amber Heard to do it because she was on the phone

'I had broken her rules of routine,' he said. ''Once you notice something like that you start to notice other tidbits that come out.

Within 18 months, he said, Heard, 35, had 'become a different person, almost'

He also talked about his history with drugs, saying he started pill popping aged 11 by taking his mother's nerve tabletsHe said he got addicted to the opiate painkiller Roxycontin after developing sciatica fro throwing a chair during Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million over a piece she wrote in the Washington Post in which she described how she had been a victim of domestic abuse

She is countersuing for $100 million claiming Depp libeled her by calling her a liar