Outside the burial service

LONDON — Sovereign Elizabeth's burial service was apparently a solemn and dignified undertaking. 

In any case, numerous in the group outside Westminster Nunnery 

it was made happy by the organization of others and a feeling that they had done all they could to thank the late ruler.

Title 2

A sizable group — however more modest than many said they had expected — camped out and marked out spots along the area to say one last goodbye to the sovereign and see the pomp with their own eyes.

The people who hadn't dozed there for the time being appeared promptly toward the beginning of the day

Some were wearing Shirts respecting the sovereign, a few were spruced up in suits, dresses, and caps.

It was each individual for themselves when it came to getting a decent view;

Other than that, it was a local area joined together — in their wonderment of the sovereign's help, in the intricate farewell or both.